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Kickin’ It With COOLKICKS is the podcast hosted by the founders & co-owners of COOLKICKS, the innovative sneaker store forging relationships with iconic artists, athletes & entertainers, all in service of staying on the cutting-edge of what is really Cool.

On their podcast, Kickin’ It With COOLKICKS, the charismatic, fun-loving, and always unpredictable CEO’s turned YouTube stars will be diving into conversations with everyone from Chris Brown to Mike Tyson, Gary V, Deebo Samuel, Wiz Khalifa, and more from the who’s who that is their clientele as featured on their always trending social pages…Talking business, fashion, music, gaming, sports, dating, shoes, media. Recorded on video & audio live-to-tape during store hours… They’ll be kickin’ it.

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Hosted by H.Wood Group partner, Marsha Molinari, otherwise known as culture, fashion and nightlife icon and the mastermind behind some of Los Angeles’s hottest clubs and most exclusive parties.

MARSHA! MARSHA! MARSHA! explores raw human experiences with conversations that lead to a true sharing of improvement in the world. No resolution is necessary; it’s about adversity bringing people together and having uncomfortable conversations, comfortably.

Subjects include all things LGBTQIA+, life purpose, self-worth, confidence, mental health, race, ethnicity, sexism, ageism, and so much more…

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